Spice Heist Sausage Spice Packs are the easiest way to make sausage at home in just minutes.  Remember – sausage doesn’t need a casing to be delicious.

Gather a Spice Heist sausage spice pack, 1 pound ground pork, 1/4 cup cold liquid and a large bowl.

  • When using a leaner meat like turkey or chicken, we suggest adding an egg to the mixture instead of the liquid to achieve the desired sticky sausage texture.

Add spice mixture to the meat, and pour in liquid.

Mix.  Electric mixers work well but you can also do it with a fork or by hand.

The key is to mix thoroughly  to achieve the right consistency.  When you’re done, the sausage should be sticky.

That’s it.  From here  you can form into patties and grill, or leave crumbled and fry in a pan.  Cook ’til the crumbles are crispy or the patties reach 160 degrees fahrenheit.

Homemade Sausage Tips

  • After combining the meat, spice and liquid, you can allow the mixture to sit in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.  This will allow the flavors to meld and will improve results.
  • If you don’t need to use a whole pound of sausage at once, you can freeze the remaining portions.  Shape into patties or links, wrap in plastic wrap and place in freezer bag or wrap again with aluminum foil.  When you are ready to use, let the sausage thaw in the fridge, then brown and ENJOY.
  • To make deliciously tender sausage links, try forming the links and then wrapping well in plastic wrap.  You can then poach the links in simmering water for around 10 or 15 minutes.  Remove, let cool, unwrap and then quickly brown them in a skillet over med-high heat.  Try this with our Bang Bang or Moonshiner as a breakfast side.

Some of our favorite uses for sausage without the casing: