Answers to some common questions we receive.  If you don’t see yours below just email info@spiceheist.com or call us (773-980-9438) and and we will help you out.

Q: What do I do with those sausage packs?  I don’t have time to make my own sausage.

Our sausage spice packs are EASY.  Think about this: in its most basic form, sausage is ground meat mixed with seasonings.  Often found in casing form, but not always.  So we promote the idea of enjoying fresh sausage in minutes by skipping the casing process.  Think of our sausage seasonings as a new version of the familiar taco seasoning packet.  Just combine each bag of seasoning with 1 lb of ground meat + a little liquid, and mix until sticky.  That’s your fresh sausage.  From there you can make burgers, links, casseroles, add it to a chili, just to name a few.  The possibilities are endless.

Q: What’s the proper way to use a spice rub?

3 rubs

The reason we created our line of spice rubs is because we grew tired of the overly-salty commercial rubs on the market.   In our view, the purpose of a rub is to create a thick coating of flavor on whatever you are cooking.  This thick coating will turn into a delicious crust during the cooking process and transform a dish.  We just weren’t able to do that with commercial seasonings because by the time a thick coating was created, the dish was way too salty.  Therefore our rubs are BALANCED, meaning you can add as much flavor as you want without the fear of over-salting.  So go ahead, be as liberal as you want with our spice rubs.  Here’s an example of some baby back ribs with a healthy coating of our Knockout BBQ Rub applied (prior to cooking).

BUT – you can use these rubs in many ways.  Think of them as versatile all-purpose blends.  Try sprinkling them over veggies, rice, eggs, or anything else you want.  THERE ARE NO RULES.  Experiment and try something new.  If it tastes good, it is good.

Q: Do your products contain MSG or gluten?

NO.  Our spice blends are 100% NATURAL.  Pure herbs & spices only.  None of our ingredients contain gluten, there are no additives, preservatives or filler.

Q: I’m a vegetarian and my friend is a vegan, why would we buy your sausage seasonings?

While based on traditional sausage seasonings, these blends are highly versatile.  You can enjoy them in a “traditional” sausage way by using soy crumbles, or in a whole new way to season a vegetarian casserole or make a tomato sauce.  View Some Vegetarian Recipes Here. 

Q: What do I put the Honey Lavender Rub on?

spice heist easy sweet savory honey lavender seasoning rub buy now

This blend works exceptionally well with salmon, scallops, chicken and pork.  But the really fun part is trying it in new ways.  Let your imagination run wild and send us your recipes!

Q: Are your seasonings Paleo-friendly?

All our blends are free of preservatives and have very balanced amounts of Kosher salt.  Additionally, we do have a few that are completely free of sugar – check them out here.